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Our Story

Welcome to House of Wok, a Pan-Asian restaurant chain that has rapidly grown to become one of the most beloved and esteemed culinary destinations throughout India. Our story began in October 2019, when our founder, a novice in the food industry, brought a deep love for gastronomy fostered by extensive travels across the globe.

At House of Wok, each dish is inspired by journeys through Thailand, Japan, and China—nations celebrated for their rich culinary traditions. Captivated by the distinctive flavours and sophisticated techniques encountered, our founder was inspired to bring these authentic experiences back to India.

Starting with a single outlet, our commitment to quality and authenticity quickly earned us a loyal following. Thanks to our patrons' support, we've expanded to five locations across the country, each serving a menu that captures the essence of Pan-Asian cuisine.​

Dim Sum and Nasi Goreng
Soba Noodles in Ginger Soya Sauce

Our growth continues with five more outlets set to open soon. As we look to the future, our plans include launching ten additional locations by the end of 2024. At House of Wok, we're more than just a restaurant; we're a gateway to the vibrant, diverse flavours of Asia. Each meal we serve is a reflection of our travels, offering our guests a taste of the world—one plate at a time.


​Join us at House of Wok for an unforgettable journey through the best of Pan-Asian cuisine, where every dish tells a story. Let's explore the rich tapestry of flavours together, and create lasting memories over meals prepared with care and passion.

Meet Our Founder

Sajat Jain

Sajat Jain

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Founder & CEO

Sajat, the driving force behind House of Wok, combines his passions as a seasoned entrepreneur and dedicated food enthusiast to propel the brand to the forefront of the food industry. With a rich background, he brings a wealth of expertise in leveraging technology to scale businesses effectively.

His experience spans various industries where he has consistently grown brands and expanded business footprints. Educated as a Software Engineer at Purdue University, USA, Sajat applies a meticulous and innovative approach to every aspect of House of Wok, ensuring that the brand not only meets but exceeds the culinary expectations of its patrons.

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